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Medical Information

Medication may be administered at school provided that:

  1. A physician's signature will be required: for all prescription medications and non-prescription medication given for more than ten consecutive days and, for all PRN (as Needed) medications, prescription or non-prescription, given more than 4 times a month. Medication Permission Slip   Spanish Medication Permission Slip  Self-Administered Emergency Medication Permission  Spanish Self-Administered Emergency Medication Permission


2.No Narcotic pain medication will be administered at school.


3.Medications must be kept in the clinic. Students may not carry medications at school.*  

4. Parents may pick up medications left at school anytime before the last day of school. All medications left in the clinic after the last day of school will be discarded. 

* Contact the school nurse for additional information and to obtain the permit to allow student to carry and use emergency inhaled medications during the school day.