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FJH 2021-2022 Dress Code

FJH 2021-22:  Important Dress Code Reminders for Students


**Additional dress code item as of December 2021: Pajama pants, with or without pockets, cannot be worn at school.  Administration may authorize a special day(s) to where all students can wear pajama pants. 

  1. All students must wear their FJH picture ID when in the school building. If a student forgets their ID, they can purchase a temporary ID for that school day for $1 (we will not charge the $1 fee until the 3rd week of school).
  2. Students can use their cell phones before and after school.  From 8:10 a.m.-3:30 p.m., students will keep their phones in their backpack or bag.  If a student needs to contact their parent, with permission from a teacher or staff member, they may do so using the front office student phone.
  3. Hair must be a natural hair color. Unconventional colors (blue, green, purple, orange, fire red etc.) are not permitted.   
  4. Nose rings or body piercings are not permitted. *Spacers (clear or colored) may not be used to replace prohibited piercings.  Students can wear jeans or pants with holes or slits that are above the knees provided the student wears leggings or has patches that cover the holes to ensure no skin is showing above the knees.
  5. Shorts, skirts, or dresses must meet the following length requirement: Halfway between the student’s fingertips and their knees.
  6. Many students wear hoodies to school. The hood is not to be worn over the head when in the school building
  7. Students can wear leggings to school. If leggings are worn, the entire bottom must be covered by the student’s shirt.
  8. All shoes must have back straps (strapless sandals Palies, slippers, or slides are not permitted).
  9. Low necklines, bare shoulders, back, and midriffs are not permitted.

*The complete dress code policy can be located in the 2021-22 DPISD Student Handbook.